Winter Wonderland

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but if you live in the middle of the country, north to south, you’re probably freezing like I am. Here in East Nashville we have an inch or so of ice and an inch or so of snow, which makes for some treacherous walking and driving. I’m again happy that I can work from my home studio and continue to paint in the midst of this winter weather. And the light feels good today, so there is that.Here’s Pirate, who is actually the brother of Spot from last week. Again, I did a full body painting for this one, including the bed he was on. Pretty interesting to do more of the full figure than just the face. My client was very happy with this one as well, so it’s all good.As always, and maybe with an emphasis on the weather today, thanks for looking, and stay safe!

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