We Can’t Neglect the Cats

Here in my East Nashville studio, I am an equal opportunity pet portraitist. Research shows that dogs are the most popular pet in the US, but cats are a fairly close second. While I miss my dogs so much, I do have a feline studio assistant who reminds me periodically to take a break and give her a good petting.

Cats are, from a painting standpoint, are much more difficult to do than dogs. Cat fur is filled with air, which makes it pretty much always lay the same, but also gives it more depth than most dogs. Also, their colors are generally more varied than most dogs. So they are a challenge, but worth the effort.

Here’s Puff, who left us recently. This was a memorial portrait, and I’m proud to say my client was very happy with the outcome. I sincerely hope the portrait helps her remember a great friend.

As always, thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.

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