A Large Portrait

Good morning from East Nashville. It’s another glorious day here; hope it is a great day wherever you are. I posted the pencil drawing I did of Sasha last week, and indicated that there was a painting involved as well. So today is the painted version of her. You’ll notice that it is a different pose from the pencil drawing; that was what we decided to do in regard to her. The drawing was just a 9×12 but the painting was a 30×40, which was quite large for a portrait. However, she turned out really well.
I’ve been asked in the past by students how to you paint a large painting like this. The answer is: large brushes. Seriously, brushes come in a huge variety of sizes and styles, and the reason for that is to accommodate the scale of the painting being done. Also, the brush shapes help to create the shapes necessary for the painting. So with this large portrait of Sasha, I got to get out my large brushes and have a bit of fun.
Hope you enjoy the painting. Thanks for visiting and looking. Remember I am always open to taking new commissions. Thanks, have a great day, and stay safe and well.