Survived the Eclipse, Sort Of

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. I hope you were lucky enough to see the eclipse yesterday. Unfortunately, my little part of East Nashville was under heavy cloud cover and I could not see the sun at all. Of course, within an hour after the eclipse had passed, the sky cleared and the sun came out. The same thing happened in 2017, so I guess I was just destined to not see an eclipse. Such is life.

Enough grousing. Here’s Ginger, a really cute and sweet girl, who I actually know. She is part of the family of a dear friend of mine, and I’ve spent a good bit of time with Ginger. She is very smart, and loves to play. I was very excited to paint her, and my friend and her family really like the painting. I think Ginger even likes it.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for looking, and be well.