Another Hot One

Good afternoon from my studio in East Nashville. Due to circumstances I won’t go into I’m late posting this. Brief weather comment: Stop! We’ve had enough heat! There; now I’ll wait for it to cool down. Right.

This is Bronx, a memorial portrait I did for a sweet client. I’m told Bronx was a great companion for many years, and is sorely missed. I’m always so honored to do memorial portraits, but I’m also very sad they have to be done. I still miss my guys something terrible, and it’s been many years. My hope, as always, is that the portraits bring some peace to my clients.

It’s the start of summer, which is usually a slow time for me. So, if you want a pet portrait, or any painting, now is a good time to make an order. Shameless self-promotion.

Anyway, thanks for looking. Let me know if I can help you. And, stay cool!