I Hope There’s A Lot of Buzz About This One

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to be done with this blasted heat. It’s so unpleasant outside I hate to go anywhere, even in my air conditioned car. I feel so badly for those who have to work out in this heat. I sincerely hope they take care of themselves.

So a couple of weeks ago I posted an old painting of Carl the Cicada. That was during what was the height of the brood emergence. Now, it’s pretty much over, and the little things are no longer singing in the trees.

But, while the cicada brood was at it’s peak, I redid the cicada painting to reveal a new species exclusive to East Nashville: The East Nashville Tocada. I couldn’t resist turning their little red eyes into tomatoes for the upcoming Tomato Art Festival. This will be one of the pieces I’m submitting this year. And, the original of this is already sold, which is cool. I will be doing a limited run (25) signed and numbered 8×10 prints that will be at the Art show during the festival. So be ready on August 10 for the real thing to buzz again.

Hope you enjoy. Take care and please try to stay cool.