Summer Is Almost Here

Getting into early summer here in East Nashville. We may be entering the “90/90” period much sooner than normal. For those of you who did not grow up here, “90/90” means 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity. Not really the most pleasant time of the year.Here’s Baxter, in his Christmas outfit. I did this as a Christmas present and am just now posting him. The decoration was fun to do, and adds a definite bit of humor to him. One thing I continually notice is that the photos of the portraits just do not convey how good these look in real life. The paintings are very three dimensional, and the photos just flatten them out again. I wish there were some better way to convey the real look, but alas, I can’t send everyone a real painting. In any event, I hope you enjoy these, and thanks for looking. As always, if you have interest in a portrait for yourself, just reach out. Thanks again, and stay safe as we (maybe) get back to something like normal.

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