Soggy Day, Sweet Pup

Good morning from a soggy East Nashville. It stormed here in the early morning hours, but no tornadic activity. It was a year ago on March 3rd that a tornado ripped East Nashville apart. The ominous weather of last night brought memories of that back for many people, including me. My little house only has a crawl space so we were under the dining room table in the middle of the house with our cat, who was hissing at the sound and pressure. The tornado itself missed us by about 1/2 mile, but did such damage to our neighborhood. So glad this year proved better for us, and hopefully better for everyone.To nicer memories, here’s Sugar Bear, a delightfully cute pup. I’m often caught between trying to be really realistic and looser, oftentimes depending on the quality of the reference photograph. This one was well liked by my client, so all was good.As always, hope you enjoy, stay safe, and thanks.

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