Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from my studio in East Nashville! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and enjoyed some time off. I know I did, but after yesterday I need to go on the football wagon for a while. Just too much yesterday, though the games were exciting.

I got all the portraits I had promised by Christmas done and delivered on Christmas Eve Eve. There is still one that I took in too late to finish, but I should get that one done this week.

Here’s the first of the Christmas portraits. This is Tiramisu, and I got to meet her when I delivered the portrait. She’s so cute in real life; just a little doll. My client was very happy with it, so that makes it worthwhile. I really enjoyed meeting both her and her person. Don’t often get to do that, and it was a treat.

Again, I hope you have a very Happy New Year to come. Stay safe, and thanks.