Gone To The Dogs, Again

Good morning from East Nashville. As I said last week, false spring is gone and we’re now into second winter. Looks like before the week is over we will have a few days of second false spring, followed by third winter. Such is life in Nashville.Back to the pups this morning, although I’m actually working on a couple of new house portraits as well. This is Monty, who is just as cute as can be. (Of course, I think all dogs are just as cute as can be.) I really like it when I get a good pose in the reference photo, and, as they say in Hollywood, the camera loves Monty. He turned out very well, and I enjoyed painting him.I hope everyone reading this has a great week. He are, to paraphrase the saying, cursed to live in interesting times. Thanks for looking, stay safe and well, and see you next week.