Don’t Forget the Kitties

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. Seems like fall has finally gotten here, maybe for good. Or this could just be one of the half dozen or so false falls we have. Time will tell. Also, our thoughts are with our friends in Florida in hopes that Hurricane Ian will not be as bad as predicted.

I’m still working on my commission portraits, and am close to finishing several of them, but not yet. So I thought this morning I would post a portrait of our other great animal friends, the feline. Most people associate dogs with the love and affection we know so well, but cats can also be loving and affectionate. My cat loves to cuddle with me, and when I’m working comes into my studio about every hour and a half and demands I stop working and give her a few minutes of lap time.

So, here’s a kitty I painted sometime back. He turned out well, and his human was very pleased with the portrait. So when you are thinking about a pet portrait, don’t forget the kitties.

Thanks for looking, enjoy, and have a great week.