Another Christmas Portrait

Good morning from East Nashville. The studio has been a bit disrupted the last few days. Long story involving appliance. Oh, and a miserable loss for the Titans. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you had them planned.

Anyway, here’s Bash, another Christmas portrait I did for a client. I really liked the nice blue bow; it added a nice touch to his features. I like having a tag or a bow or some other fashion accessory in the painting. I know my girl Sweetie had a Predators collar, and she would sometimes lose it in the back yard when playing with her brother, and she was really upset until I found it and put in back on her. I always thought that she felt naked without it. So if my subject has some accessory, I almost always include it.

This was a fun portrait to do, and I hope you enjoy as well. Thanks for looking, and stay safe and well.