A Soggy Morning

Good morning, or I should say, good soggy morning, from my studio in East Nashville. The wild weather continues for us here in Nashville. Zero degrees and minus zero wind chills last week, 70’s and possible severe weather today. The weather patterns have certainly changed. I hope you do not have weather related problems today.

Before I go on, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope this new year is a good one for you and yours.

All my Christmas commissions are done and delivered. I so appreciate the opportunity to create something meaningful for my clients.

Here is one of the sweetest ones I got to do this year. I won’t name the lady, but the pup is Oden, and I understand that the two have been the best friends for many years. This was a gift, and the good folks who commissioned it came up with a very good reference pose, so the painting had an advantage out of the gate. They thought it turned out well, and I was excited to do it for them.

So, be safe today, have a Happy New Year, and thanks!