A New Memorial Portrait

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. I realized late last week that I totally missed last Tuesday to post. My house was getting a facelift with new siding and trim, and I was distracted. Sorry about that. While the project is not quite finished, we are close to being done and I’m back on track.As you may know from my posts, I prefer a portrait background for my pet portraits. Occasionally, a client will request a specific setting for the portrait. I’ve painted dogs on boats and kayaking with a life jacket and they have been fun.Here’s Gretchen, who apparently really wanted the car keys. My client said this was their favorite photo of her, so I used that photo as the reference, but did change the view out the windows to make it more appealing.Sadly, while I was working on the portrait, Gretchen passed away, but I know that her people gave her the best life a dog could have. I am honored to be able to paint a portrait of her as a lasting memorial to a great friend.Thanks for looking; enjoy, and stay safe and well and cool.