A House Is A Home

Another clear but very hot morning here in East Nashville. I was just out putting the varnish coats on this house portrait, and man is it humid. I appreciate all the good thoughts from the last post re: the kidney stone issue. I would be delighted to say that has all resolved; but, alas, it has not. I go back for another procedure in the morning. Hopefully that will be the end of the saga. Not the worst couple of weeks I’ve had in my life, but in the top 10 for sure.Another type of commission work I often do is house portraits. I do these for realtors as a closing present to their clients. I also occasionally do them for an historic home, or a home that has special sentimental value for someone. I find the straight lines, details and textures challenging. I also like making another memory for people. So, here’s one I recently did.Thank you for looking, and I hope you enjoy. Stay safe and well.

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