A Beautiful House

Good morning from my studio in beautiful East Nashville. I don’t mention it often, but I grew up in East Nashville. When I left, I thought I’d never come back, but I did, and I truly love living here. It’s a great neighborhood, with great people.This week it’s a house. As you know, I do several kinds of art on commission, including pet portraits, people portraits, landscapes and houses. Houses are a mix of physical and emotional elements. The house itself is just materials put together in a certain way. But the memories and emotions attached to that house can be very powerful. When I paint a house for someone, it’s usually to capture and evoke those memories that make the house a home. In this case, my client is leaving a house that means a lot to her, and I hope this painting helps her keep the great memories for ever.Thanks for looking. Enjoy, and stay safe, well and cool.