A Beautiful East Nashville House

Good morning from East Nashville. The studio is quiet this morning, except for my cat, who seems to really need a lot of lap time today. She normally sleeps all morning, then when I’m working, will come in about every hour and a half to tell me its time to take a break and pet the cat. Her schedule must be off today.I’ve been doing quite a few house portraits lately, and here’s another one. This is an historic home here in East Nashville. Due to the distance for the viewer, many of the really neat and small details are not included. (Tip for artists: you want to present what the viewer would be able to see from the given distance to the subject. Too much up close detail from a distance makes the depth perception of the painting feel weird.)Still, the house is really beautiful, and the owners loved the painting, so all is good.Thanks for looking; hope you enjoy, and stay safe and well.