Two Dogs, Sunny Day

Good morning from my East Nashville studio. It’s a gorgeous morning here, and the sun coming in warms everything. Here’s another multiple pet portrait for you. As you may know, I normally don’t include the actual background in the portraits, but this one had the guys in a specific location and the background was important to the memories. Sometimes, a place carries special emotional connection, and supplying that can be very important.In the end, the emotional connection between the people and the pets is what I really want to convey. There is something about the portraits that is more “real” than the photo. Sometimes even I wounder, “Why have a painting when I have a photo?” Then I finish the portrait and deliver it and there is some indefinable intangible that makes the painting so much more expressive than the photo I worked from. I suppose that’s really what art is about: injecting a more human aspect to the reality. I appreciate your patronage and your interest. Hope you enjoy the painting, and as always, stay safe and well.

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