Still Catching Up With Christmas

Good morning from East Nashville. It’s a bright clear morning. We missed all the bad weather that hit the northeast, a good thing. I’m still in the process of posting the portraits I did for Christmas. Here’s another.
This is Boss, and you can tell that he really was the boss. I’m always struck when I paint my subjects how clear it is that they have “personalities.” That is, they clearly have unique characteristics that show how they are intelligent and understand the world around them, at least in their own way. The idea that they are “just animals” is so incorrect. They are sentient, just like us, even if they can’t drive a car or build a bridge. What they are capable of doing does not take away their unique place in the world.

Anyway, after all that, Boss is a beauty, and I am honored to paint his portrait. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for looking and as always, stay safe and well.