Sometimes You Just Have to Do a Landscape

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. You may have noticed I did not post the last two weeks. I took off Independence Day to ride my bike and watch fireworks and generally celebrate the formation of our country. Last week, there were problems with the internet due to an upgrading of the fiber system in East Nashville. Many of you here in the East know what I’m talking about. But all is now back to normal (I hope).

Anyway, I had a commission to do a landscape, which was fun as a break from the pet portraits. I was working from a client’s photo, but made a few adjustments to the composition to make it work. I was told the make it a soft, muted color, so it’s a bit less colorful than normal for me. It’s pretty large – 36×24 – so again, a bit of a departure for me.

Hope you enjoy the painting. As always, stay safe, and in this dreadful heat, stay cool and hydrated. Thanks.