Good Morning

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. I hope everyone is doing well today. We are now a week into the new year, and since I don’t really use checks anymore, I have not written the wrong year on one yet. I’ve taken a break for a few days from art, but spent three days last week painting my kitchen. I discovered, as I always do, artist skill does not translate well to house painting. I’m just happy to have learned how to correct errors.

Anyway, here’s Riley, a memorial I did for a dear friend as a gift to her dear friend. It strikes me as one of the worst parts about this universe we live in: that we lose the pets we love so dearly all too soon. I only hope my portraits help keep them alive in their memory. I know the ones I painted of my guys help me.

Thanks for looking today, and I hope you enjoy the portraits. Stay safe and well.