Back To The Land of the Living

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. You may have noticed I have not posted for the last two weeks. I have excuses: first, I was prepping for a kitchen remodel in my house – a project overdue by about sixteen years. The next week, I didn’t post because I got Covid. Yes, after dodging the virus for three and a half years, it finally got me. Not too terrible, but certainly not fun. I’ve recovered and am back at work, though the kitchen is still in progress.

Here’s a new portrait of Tina, a beautiful girl. She had very unusual markings, and such an intelligent face. Again, unfortunately, this is a memorial. I am always saddened by the number of memorials I do, but am honored that I get to capture a beautiful soul for their people.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the painting. Remember, Christmas is coming up soon, so if you are thinking about getting a portrait for a gift, go ahead and order now. Thanks again, and stay safe.