A Cute Pup for a Hot Day

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. I don’t know about you, but this heat is getting to me. it doesn’t help that the air conditioner in my car has gone out, and the dealership can’t get me in for service due to “staffing issues.” I’m trying to limit my car trips to 15 minutes or less so I can stand it. Of course, things are worse in Europe, where the temperatures today are supposed to top 100 degrees Fahrenheit. And they don’t have home air conditioners.With the heat whine behind me, I can say the air conditioning is working at my studio. And it’s back to the pups this week. This is Bear, a portrait I did for a family to give as a birthday present. I had a good photo to work from, and his look was just so cute he almost painted himself. I do find it very rewarding to help create something unique and personal for my clients.As always, thanks for looking. Stay safe, well and cool!