A Chilly Day for a Cute Dog

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. False fall No. 4 has become false Winter No. 1. It’s really cold; the first time I’ve had the heat on this year. I hope all your plants survived the night.

I’ve been slowly but surely working through the orders I’ve gotten for portraits. Three went out this week, and I’ve been working on the rest. It is hard to describe how fulfilling it is when a client picks up a portrait and their joy is evident on their faces. I know my work will never hang in the Frist, but I know it will hang in people’s homes for a long time and remind them of a dear friend.

Here’s Ranger, a cute little guy who was part Chihuahua and part Jack Russell. I understand he was a delight. My client got this for her mother. The portraits do make extremely thoughtful presents.

Thanks for looking; hope you enjoy. Stay safe and well, and this morning, warm.