A Cat Kind of Morning

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. It’s a windy, potentially stormy day here in the East. Days like this make some of us (i.e., me) a little anxious considering our history of severe storms. Hopefully, that won’t happen today.

Today is a feline kind of day. I get to do cats occasionally, although the ratio of dogs to cats is about nine to one. Cats present a unique challenge, since their coats are so very different from dogs. Dog hair is actually very much like human hair. Cat hair is hollow and filled with air, so the texture is much different. Cats also have more bands of color and variations in appearance than most dogs.

This is Callie, and she is a beautiful baby. My client was very happy with the portrait. The photo just does not do the painting justice. I hope the portrait brings joy for many years to come.

Thanks for looking, and enjoy. If you have a Christmas portrait in mind, now is the time to order one. Stay safe and well.