A Beautiful Day

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather. Enjoy it while you can, because it’s Nashville and who knows what the next few days will bring. Seriously, I’m a native and I know how mercurial our weather can be.

I’m currently working on several projects, none of which are at completion yet, so I dug back into the archives for a pet portrait from several years ago. Looking back I was struck by how much more realistic the portraits are now, even though the old ones are good. I have just refined my technique on details and textures over the years. Hopefully, I’ll figure out how to do them well before I die.

Enjoy the painting and the day. Also, although it’s September, I was reminded that Christmas is not that far off. If you would like a portrait for someone or yourself, now is the time to put in an order. I’d much rather the orders be early and allow enough time than to be late and make it a rush job. Let me know; you can always message me here. Thanks!