Here Comes the Rain Again

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. It’s another rainy day. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty done with all the rain. Of course, my emotional state over the weather is going to do absolutely nothing to change the weather. It’s good to be reminded occasionally just how little control we have over some events.

Enough with the philosophy. Here’s this morning’s pet portrait. This is Layla, a super sweet baby who loved her toy kush balls. It sometimes strikes me as funny how almost all dogs are very photogenic. They just seem to do poses when the camera comes out. Since I work from photos, that really helps me a lot. A good photo makes for a good, detailed painting. Somewhat more fuzzy photos make for a more impressionistic portrait. Both can be very good. As the old saying goes, you’ve got to dance with the one that brung ya.

Hope you enjoy. Stay safe and dry. Thanks