Don’t Forget the Kitties

Good morning. I was out of town last week and did not post. Back and back at work. I hope everyone had a good week. It occurred to me that I have not been giving enough time to the other major pet, cats. I was especially reminded of that since my kitten had to have a few minutes of lap time before I could write this. So here’s Emo and Zero, two kitties I did some time back. (I’m currently working on a kitty, but it is not yet finished.) Cats present some challenges in a portrait, since their coat is filled with air and usually has a lot of color variations. Still, they are fun to paint. Most people think that cats are aloof and not as close to us as dogs, but my kitty is really a dog in cat clothing, so don’t forget the bond they create with us.Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking, and stay safe and well.