A Memorial Portrait

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. It looks like a windy and possibly stormy day here. This kind of weather is always a little unsettling to those of us who were here two years ago when the tornado ripped thorough East Nashville. I was very fortunate; the tornado path was about a half mile away from my house. Still, it was a frightening experience, though nothing like what the good folks in the path of the storm endured. Hopefully, nothing too rough today.

This is Peanut. I was asked to do a memorial portrait of her by a good friend of her people, who had just lost her. I’m always honored and saddened when I do a memorial. I understand all too well what the portraits mean to the people who have just lost a dear companion. I have two memorial paintings of my guys hanging in my dining room, and I see them and remember how much they meant to me every day. That’s the kind of experience I strive to create for my clients.

Thanks for looking. Stay safe and well.