A Little Bit About Technique

I have another new portrait for you this morning. But first, I have had some responses to my price list that have convinced me I have not properly shared my process with you. I adopted a technique years ago that involve numerous thin layers. It’s not a new technique; in fact, Da Vinci came up with it. (There are 40 layers on the Mona Lisi) Now, I’m not Da Vinci, but if the technique worked for him, I have no problem using it.The problem with the technique is that it is time consuming. Each layer works the entire painting, then that dries, followed by another layer. My paintings therefore usually take many hours of work to achieve the final version. So, hopefully, that explains my price structure.Today, here’s Spot, which is a somewhat unusual painting for me, because I like to focus on the pet’s face. This is a 20×16, so it’s large and worked well for the full body portrait. I understand my client was very happy with it. Hope you enjoy it; thanks for looking, and as always, stay safe.

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