A Beautiful White German Shepard

Good morning from my studio in East Nashville. The weather has been so nice the last week or so we need to be quiet and hope in continues, though we could use some rain for the plants.

I have started getting some portraits finished, one of which is to be a surprise present tomorrow. This one, however, has already been picked up and my client was very happy with the result. This is Polar, who is a white German Shepard. Not an albino, but actually a recognized breed that is all white. I actually got to meet him, and he is a very beautiful pup. He also serves as a working dog for his human. Altogether a remarkable fellow.

I’m starting to get Christmas orders, which is good that people are starting early this year. It’s taking me about three weeks to finish a portrait, so the cut off day for Christmas orders will be Thanksgiving. If you are thinking about a portrait for Christmas, please go ahead and order soon. I love doing Christmas present paintings, but I want to have enough time to do a good job.

Thanks for looking, stay safe and well.